Database and Utilities

"BASECOL is part of the "Virtual Atomic and Molecular Data Centre" (VAMDC). From the VAMDC portal, you can retrieve the data in XSAMS output, download the data files and read them with the SPECTCOL tool. This tool allows you to combine BASECOL data and spectroscopic data."


This database, called BASECOL is devoted to collisional ro-vibrational excitation of molecules by colliders such as atom, ion, molecule or electron. It is supervised by an international working group of molecular physicists and astrophysicits involved in the calculations and use of ro-vibrational cross-sections, in order to ensure the continuity and the quality of the database.

Citation policies

When you use data from BASECOL, please acknowledge in your papers :

  • The original authors who produced the collisional data sets
  • The BASECOL database by citing the following reference:
    M.L. Dubernet et al, "BASECOL2012: A collisional database repository and web service within Virtual Atomic and Molecular Data Center (VAMDC)", A&A, 553, 50
  • As we import spectroscopic data from CDMS and JPL databases, cite those databases (see their website for proper citations). As a principle the BASECOL managers advise that you cite the authors having produced the spectroscopic data as well.


The "Data" section includes:

  • Collision Browser or Search Engine sections that give access to the collisional systems linking to collisional rate coefficients combined with experimental spectroscopic information and a brief description of the theoretical methodology used.
  • Information of the energy levels used in the molecular dynamics calculations: this subsection is aimed at physicists who want to reproduce the rate coefficient calculations.

The "Bibliography" section provides access to the bibliographic database that includes references mainly linked to the collisional data sets entered in BASECOL. They range from purely theoretical papers on dy- namical or quantum chemistry methods to papers describing po- tential energy surfaces, collisional cross sections and rate coefficients

The "Tools" section provides tools that might be of interest to the astrophysical community, in particular the SPECTCOL tool as well as some code packages to handle BASECOL data sets.

The "Submit new Data" section provides instructions about how to submit new collisional data sets. The "Publications" section contains publications associated to BASECOL, i.e. reviewed papers, proceedings. This section will be upgraded with regular notes concerning new data and/or evaluation.

The "Field news" section is meant to display information on current developments and future needs.

The "Support" section provides information about how to register to the basecol-user list.