Field news

The astrophysical community is interested in collisions of species with H, He, H2, e at collision energies up 500K and for internal energy up to 1000K. Species that are of main interest are: C3, CH, CH+, CCH, CH3CCH, CH3OCOH, CH3OH, CH2CHCN, CH3CN, CH3CH2CN, CH3CH2OH, CN, CO, CCCS, CCS, CS, H2CO, H3O+, H2O (vibrational), H2CS, H2S, HCl, HCN, HCN (vibrational), HF, HC3N, HC5N, HCO, HCO+, HCOOH, HNC, NH2, N2H+, NH3, SO, SO2, OCS, other prebiotic molecules.

Data on deuterated isotopes of the above molecules and especially HDCO, HDCS, HDO, HDS are also necessary. For most of the above systems, hyperfine transitions need to be taken into account. We also need data for the following systems: H3+ + D2, HD + D2, H2D+ + HD, H2D+ + D2, H2 + HD, H2 + D2, D2H+ + D2, H2 + D2, HD + D2.

Current works